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  The Art's Defining Moment: 

   The image below was the defining moment in my photography inspiration.The location, Zion N.P. Utah, June 1983. I had my 35mm  film camera (remember those) and was trying to catch the darkened mountain, the blue sky and that cloud formation. I did not realize I had caught the suns star burst until a week or two later when the film was developed. I knew then that photography.... capturing moments in time...preserving a place, an object, people or event that may be altered, or gone tomorrow.... was an art I wanted to be involved in. 

 Photography has seen significant changes since 1983. Digital photography is now the norm allowing almost instantaneous previewing of your last shot.
Some images herein are film based and converted to digital for posting to this site.  

   mas' alla':

We have resided in the Mojave Desert for over 40 years. I have enjoyed the art of photography since 1979. I worked a day job until 2006, but still many photographs were accumulated along the way and today our time is spent on travel and photography, continually adding to the Pictureizeit collection.

The Mojave Desert is vast, covering some 90% of the 20,160 square miles of San Bernardino County. The history of the Mojave began in 1776 when a Spanish Franciscan priest named Francisco Garces was searching for a practical route from Arizona to northern California. He was known to always be looking "mas' alla' ", or "farther on". That is the direction we seek today in our lives and in our photography efforts. Route 66 to the interstates and railroads, forts to National Training Centers, wagon trails to supersonic aviation and space tracking; Silver, gold, quartz, and borax mining; alfalfa farms to solar farms and wind power, this and a lot more, slightly isolated, but within hours of metro-areas, mountains, lakes, and beaches. Constantly changing, new technologies amid the historic, a splendid mix of opportunity. 
We think we have some unique images and have coverage of a unique geographical area.
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  Mom, Family and Friends:
 I need to recognize the love and patience , and the encouragement of family,  friends and the love of my Mom (shown below). Mom was very devoted to us, she steadfastly supported and sacrificed much for her family. She was kind, patient and understanding to all and loved way more than she got.  She had an appreciation of the simple beauty we often take for granted.

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