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.."the sand get's in your shoes"

August 20, 2013
I was born and raised in Kentucky. Hated the desert when I first came through here in 1960 with family on the way to California. The desert's dry heat started in New Mexico, carried over all the way through Arizonia and the Mojave Desert and was a little better in the valley of San Bernardino. My siblings and I had trouble breathing this dry air. Plus no air conditioning in the car. About five years later, got a day job with a company named Rain for Rent, sprinkler pipes and irrigation systems. The day job took us from Riverside, CA. to an alfalfa field outside Daggett, CA. It was late July, if I recall and it was 114 degrees. We had to dismantle an irrigation system, load it on a truck and haul back to the company. I thought I would die, seriously! I swore that day I would never come back to the Mojave Desert. Plans change! In 1966, I obtained a civil service job with the Department of the Navy.....Marine Corps Base, Barstow, CA. yes, in the middle of the Mojave Desert! As of this year I have lived here in the Mojave Desert for 47 years. Yes...47 years. As they say here, "the sand gets in your shoes".

The Mojave River flows, first street bridge, Barstow, CA. (top)
                                                                        Sand Dunes, Stove Pipe Wells area, Death Valley N.P. (lower)

 So, it was no surprise to me when I read the following article published in the Desert Dispatch: 

National Geographic counts Mojave Desert among world's top beauty spots

National Geographic this summer named the Mojave Desert one of the 100 World’s Most Beautiful Places.

The special edition also included places such as Paris, the Great Wall of China and the Amazon Rainforest to its list.

“Far from the madding metropolitan crowds of Las Vegas and Los Angeles that surround it,” the article stated, “the Mojave Desert offers the balm of silence and solitude.”

“It is a world little touched by humans,” it continued, “save for the odd crumbling mine or homestead, but one which nature adorns with the beauty of the Joshua tree and spring’s brief-lived wildflowers.”

“It should also serve as a reminder of the difficult task and duty we all face in protecting the pristine conditions of our desert for future generations to enjoy.”   (End)

Colorado River, Needles, CA.

The desert has its share of heat, dry desolate areas, we are away from the metropolitan hubris, but only a few hours from the beach, or Las Vegas, the Colorado River, and but an hour from 5000 foot Big Bear Lake and just a bit further to Lake Arrowhead. One just needs a healthy respect for the nature of the area, there are many beauties in this isolation, and a lot of historical.The early mornings and evenings are great, and an occasional thunder storm is enjoyable. 

Sawtooth Canyon (top)                                                  Charcoal Ovens, Death Valley Mtns. (lower)


Camera Carry Always (CCA)

July 28, 2013
Hello friends, we feel we need to share an experience in CCA awareness. We were invited to a 50th anniversary celebration for a neighbor. It was being held at a Marriot Courtyard 45 minutes away. It was a great occasion, getting re-acquainted with neighbor 'kids' from 26 years ago, now full grown, with families and children of their own. Four sons and one daughter's families, friends and relatives. Quite a group, and then it dawned on me duh... Douglas, you did not bring your camera, not even...
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Camera Settings and Effects on Image

July 21, 2013
When we initially look at all the settings and control functions on a DSLR camera one could get intimidated.
This is the Control Mode dial on my Canon EOS 60D:
The Green Box represents the Automatic setting. here the camera automatically sets shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc based on the available light. Most point and shoot, aka pocket cameras provide automatic, manual, portrait, night, scenic etc settings with very few if any operator settings.By switching modes you can expect to get a part...
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"Nothing left to photograph..."?

July 1, 2013
Recently saw a comment on a blog whereas the gentleman stated to the effect that "everything had been photographed..." which practically speaking might be near true. I have even thought that same thing and remember an incident where we were traveling through a small route 66 town and wife asked me; 'aren't you going to stop and take pictures"? Guess I was tired because I stated No, why take pictures of something that so many people had already photographed. After a great meal and some coffee ...
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Colors in your photographs.

April 22, 2013
 The cones in the human eye are color sensitive to the primary colors of red, green and blue light. The combination of which is: white. Collectively, the eye/brain can distinguish millions of different colors.  A digital camera's sensor array has millions of individual pixel's that have a red, green and blue transparent filters to capture your subjects multiples of primary and secondary colors. So you view your image on your cameras preview screen and the colors are there. Now, you upload to ...
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Subject and Light Quality

April 7, 2013
Place your subject based upon the available light if possible. Your subject is best either in full sun or full shade and not a mix of the two. If your subject is in full shade be aware that the camera tends to see a darkened image and you may wish to increase exposure several stops. In "Auto" mode your flash may pop up. Take the shot and if you have a preview function take a quick look at the result. You may wish to change from Auto to aperture priority (AV) or program (P) mode and check for ...
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Frame It!

March 12, 2013
Before you would place a photo in a frame and hang it on your wall, you would need to have an emotional attachment to, or an inspirational feeling about or just really really like an image. So, along with seeing as the camera see's, you must consider the final result before you press that shutter. Ok, you don't have to.. but in order to end up with an image worthy of physically framing, or sharing with others consider this: frame the subject, compose your picture to make it the most interesti...
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Best Image Essentials

March 2, 2012
Will start a new blog subject here as Best Image Essentials.
Most everyone has a camera nowadays either a camera phone, a pocket camera, aka "point and shoot" or a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) type. Everyone likes to take pictures of family, social events, sports etc.
So, lets work on making the images we capture the best that we can.

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