Hello friends, we feel we need to share an experience in CCA awareness. We were invited to a 50th anniversary celebration for a neighbor. It was being held at a Marriot Courtyard 45 minutes away. It was a great occasion, getting re-acquainted with neighbor 'kids' from 26 years ago, now full grown, with families and children of their own. Four sons and one daughter's families, friends and relatives. Quite a group, and then it dawned on me duh... Douglas, you did not bring your camera, not even your point and shoot! What was I thinking..seriously. Looking back, I guess I didn't wish to appear intrusive or to be a source of apprehension for many who would not know me. After dinner and toasts  and many emotional comments there was the picture taking ... Most were using cell phones and there was two point and shoots sitting on the table, so asked if I could help and I picked them up and started taking pictures of the whole family as they posed as a group.   I'm sure there were plenty of memories captured that evening but wonder if I should have made my photography known before the event? Should I have volunteered my services? This seemed to me...presumptive. They were, I am sure unaware of my photography passion nor of my willingness to contribute on a such a memorable occasion. This is something that will weigh on me for a while... how to be known,  make availability known without being intimidating and remain professional.
Point is I should have taken a camera. How to handle similar situations in the future? I encourage youre observations and suggestions for the future.
In the meantime,  Carry Camera Always, be ready and keep taking pictures.