Before you would place a photo in a frame and hang it on your wall, you would need to have an emotional attachment to, or an inspirational feeling about or just really really like an image. So, along with seeing as the camera see's, you must consider the final result before you press that shutter. Ok, you don't have to.. but in order to end up with an image worthy of physically framing, or sharing with others consider this: frame the subject, compose your picture to make it the most interesting, try to eliminate distractions by shifting your angle, or your position in relation to your subject.There are the "rule of thirds" and don't place subject in direct center, all of which can and are broken. These are guidelines, along with do we have good contrast, is the subject positioned where they are emphasized? Do we have good contrast between the subject and surroundings. Avoid posts, and trees growing out of your uncles head! That trash can, do you really want it in the frame?
Candids are well just candid's, good for sharing and there are those times where we just need to take a  series of photographs to catch the action or activity say at a birthday party. But when we have the time and opportunity, consider framing your photograph and think about how it will look hanging on your wall or someone else's.  Happy shooting.